How to report a noise nuisance

Our Community Safety Team continues to work hard to keep our neighbourhoods safe and enjoyable for all.

One of our most common reports is noise disturbance within homes affecting nearby neighbours. We understand that everyone has different tolerance levels and high-density neighbourhoods are made up of people with different lifestyles, but some noise could be considered anti-social behaviour such as loud music being played at inappropriate hours.

If your neighbours are disturbing you, we would advise that you try speaking to them first if you feel able to. We realise, of course, that some people may feel uncomfortable or perhaps slightly anxious about doing that. If that's the case, why not try writing to them? You can use our 'Dear Neighbour' letter or write your own version if the wording here doesn't quite fit.

However, if you feel the noise you are experiencing is excessive and you believe it could be anti-social behaviour, you can report it to us by;

Following your report, the Community Safety Team will review your report and make contact with you and will carefully consider any reports made in relation to noise. Actions may or may not be taken in line with the terms and conditions of our tenancy conditions and anti-social behaviour policy.

If the noise reported is anti-social behaviour, the team will ask you to use the Noise App to assist with their investigations.

What is the Noise App

The Noise App can be used to record noise nuisance up to 30 seconds every time there is a problem. It’s secure and free to use – you don’t have to leave your home to record any noise disturbances. You can then send the recordings directly to us so we can assess any reasonable steps available for us to take.

This will help us tackle the problem, particularly if we need the evidence to go to court. We can also show neighbours how they are inconveniencing other residents, which is normally all we need to do to address the problem.

Please note that the Noise App will need to be used in conjunction with a current ‘open’ case of noise nuisance that has already been reported to us.

How to download the Noise App

To download the app, go to the 'App Store' for iPhone users or the 'Play Store' for android users. Search for 'The Noise App' and click 'Get' or 'Install' to download the app. Once downloaded, you will need to register your account and when prompted choose One Housing as your housing provider. You can read full instructions here.

We will be unable to use any recordings you submit if you do not have a current 'open’ case of noise nuisance.