Shape our services

If you do not have the time to get actively involved in meetings or activities, yet have ideas on how we could improve our services, we want to know.

We are always open to receiving feedback on our services, good or bad – it helps us learn and improve.

Become a 'key voice' to take part in consultations

We occasionally carry out surveys and focus groups to get your views on a policy or proposal, or to get your ideas about how we can improve our services.

Those that have registered as a 'key voice' mainly receive online questionnaires/surveys but may also be invited to one-off focus groups, meetings or events. For example, our ‘key voices’ in 2018 were instrumental in our consultation response to the government's Housing Green Paper. Many attended our series of consultation events.

Register to become a key voice

Call 0300 123 9966


Send us feedback or contact your local representative

If you have an idea or suggestion you can complete our online feedback form or email and we will pass on your comments to the right team.

We report on a quarterly basis the feedback and complaints we have received to our resident panels. Resident panels hold One Housing to account. They scrutinise and monitor our performance, and tell us what is important for all residents.

You can contact the Chair of your regional panel to raise an issue.