Renting a garage, parking space or shed

Would you like to rent a garage, parking space or shed?

Anyone over 18 years can apply to rent a garage or parking space. Please note that priority will be given to existing One Housing residents (tenants, leaseholders and shared owners) and those with a Blue Badge.

Garages are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes or to store perishable goods, stolen or illegal goods, unroadworthy vehicles and combustible or explosive items.

Before you are issued with a licence to rent a garage or parking space, you must provide the V5C registration certificate (log book) to prove the vehicle is registered at your address, proof of insurance and current MOT if the vehicle is over 3 years old are required.

Garages and parking spaces are let first to existing One Housing residents with priority given to those who have a Blue Badge (proof must be provided). They are normally let on a monthly licence (weekly for existing tenants) and rent must be paid in advance and by direct debit.

Sheds will only be let to a One Housing resident living in the block where the shed is located. Sheds can only be used for storing personal items and should not be used to store anything combustible or explosive.

You can register on our waiting list by completing our Garage, parking space or shed application form.