Executive Team

Richard Hill, Group Chief Executive Officer

Richard has been leading the organisation since 2017. When he arrived, he led on the co-creation our current corporate plan in consultation with residents and staff. To assist in our ability to deliver our corporate plan objectives and ensure staff have the right tools and resources to do an excellent job, he also initiated a modernisation programme for the organisation.

Chyrel Brown, Chief Operating Officer

Chyrel leads on key operational areas of the business including property, housing and repairs. Since joining us in July 2019, Chyrel has made some important changes to our teams to improve our responsiveness and the services we provide, and ensure that we deliver excellent customer service.

Hilary Milne, Group Director Governance & Compliance

Hilary is responsible for leading our focus on good governance and making sure that our risk, control and assurance framework is robust.

Tony Blows, Chief Information Officer

Tony is responsible for leading our information technology strategy and teams specialising in change and programme management, technology implementation and information distribution. He came to One Housing in 2018 with a strong track record of enabling business strategy through effective technology solutions.

Martin D’Mello, Group Director of Health Care & Support

Martin is in charge of our large portfolio of supported housing and care services. He was responsible for successfully growing our senior living offer in recent years, as well as our NHS Partnership services.

Paul Gray, Chief Finance Officer

Paul joined One Housing in 2020 and brings a wide variety of experience gained across several sectors, including housing and private sector manufacturing businesses. He is a Chartered Accountant whose early career included professional practice, banking and corporate finance.

Robert Marcantoni, Group Director for Development

Responsible for all One Housing’s development, Robert’s focus is on delivering quality new homes, forming joint venture partnerships with developers and working alongside residents to rejuvenate our estates. His approach led to our first resident ballot, supporting a regeneration plan on the Isle of Dogs, and joint venture deals to regenerate schemes in Barnet and Camden.