Other issues

You may experience other issues which are problematic or distressing but aren't considered antisocial behaviour. Use the information below to find out if we, your local authority or the police can provide you with support.

Abandoned cars and obstructive parking

Abandoned cars

If there is an emergency with an abandoned vehicle, for example, spilt petrol or live electrical wires, please contact the police immediately on 101.

If you have noticed a vehicle that you believe to be abandoned, you should follow these steps:

  1. Start by speaking to your neighbours to see if they know who owns the car.
  2. If you have made enquiries and an owner hasn’t been identified, make a note of the registration number and make of the vehicle.
  3. You can use this information to check whether the vehicle has a valid MOT and vehicle tax online.

If the vehicle doesn't have a valid MOT, or tax, and the vehicle is on our land, let us know by emailing ask@onehousing.co.uk.

Obstructive parking

If someone is parking in a way that obstructs the entrance to your home and/or allocated parking space, you should try speaking to them if you feel able to, as they might not know they are causing problem.

If you feel uncomfortable or perhaps slightly anxious about doing that, you can take the following action:

  • You can contact your local authority, if the vehicle is parked on a public verge or road and breaking local parking regulations. Your council might be able to issue a Penalty Charge notice.
  • You should contact the police on 101 if a vehicle is parked in such a manner where it needs to be removed immediately.
  • Please contact us by emailing ask@onehousing.co.uk or call 0300 123 9966, if a vehicle is abandoned on on our land and we will try to contact the offender to help resolve the problem..
Businesses from a residential property

We do not usually allow businesses to be run from our properties.

If you have evidence that your neighbour is running a business from their home then let us know by contacting us via ask@onehousing.co.uk so we can investigate a potential breach of tenancy.

Please include as much information as possible; address, dates and details of activity to help us with our investigation.


Smoking of cigarettes in flats, communal spaces and balconies isn’t ASB, however, this could be a tenancy breach. Smoking can also be a health and safety concern if lit cigarettes are discarded in an unsafe way such as off balconies which risks damaging the properties below you.

If you have concerns about smoking, please contact us via ask@onehousing.co.uk so we can investigate.


Fireworks are a big part of the autumn/winter months but come with an added health and safety risk.


  • Don’t set off fireworks or start fires anywhere near your property, including in garden areas and on balconies.
  • Remove all combustible items from communal areas and balconies.
  • Try to keep your pets indoors as many can be scared by the loud noises.

If you're looking to report a fire-related emergency, you should phone 999 and ask for the fire service.

If you're looking to report youths setting off fireworks in the street, you need to call the police on 101 or 999 in the event of an emergency.


Whilst most of our customers are responsible and dispose of large items correctly, some can be irresponsible and dump unwanted items near your home.

This can be unpleasant as well as creating health and safety concerns.

If you notice rubbish or large items (mattresses, sofas, trolleys, etc) dumped near your home, we recommend you to speak to your neighbours to see if you can find the owner and if they have already made arrangements to clear them, the rubbish might be outside waiting to be collected.

If the owner can’t be identified:

  • If the rubbish is on our land, please report it to us via ask@onehousing.co.uk so we can arrange for it to be removed.
  • If the rubbish is not on our land, you will need to contact your local council, who will arrange for it to be removed.
Garden disputes

Sometimes you and your neighbours might disagree over the use of a shared garden, or dispute ownership of fences or walls.

Your tenancy should tell you what is and is not your responsibility, and usually states that boundaries should be kept in a good state of repair.

If you're thinking about making changes to a boundary wall or fence it's a good idea to let your neighbours know first. This will help to make sure that it won't cause them any problems.

If you're having a problem with a neighbour's use of their outdoor space, we advise you first try speaking to them if you feel able to. We realise of course that some people may feel uncomfortable or perhaps slightly anxious about doing that. If that's the case, why not try writing to them? You can use this 'Dear Neighbour' letter or write your own version if the wording here doesn't quite fit. The important thing to remember is that your neighbour might not even realise they've caused a problem so we advise you approach things initially in as calm and non-judgemental a way as you can.

An unkept garden might be a breach of tenancy, or could mean that a property is abandoned. Please let us know so we can do whatever we can to help, by contacting us by email at ask@onehousing.co.uk or give us a call 0300 123 9966.

Homelessness, rough sleeping and congregating in communal areas

Homelessness and rough sleeping is an issue across the whole country. We're committed to working closely with local authorities to help as best we can.

As a resident, you share the responsibility with us in making sure your building is safe and secure.

Help keep your building safe:

  • Be aware of people trying to access the building upon you leaving or entering the building. Always make sure the communal door is closed behind you.
  • Make sure you know who you are letting into the building via your door entry system/intercom.
  • If the block isn’t secure report this to us via Ask@onehousing.co.uk or complete our online form.

If a crime is taking place or you feel your safety might be compromised by confrontation, always remember to call the police on 101, so they can attend and address the situation.

If homeless persons are causing a crime i.e. smoking drugs/causing damage, then report to police. After you have reported what has happened to the Police, please also let us know so we can do whatever we can to help, by completing our online form. Please provide as much information as you can, such as the police incident report number, and the police officer's name so that we can make contact with them.

Non-residents congregating in the communal areas

Report this to the police on 101 or if criminal behaviour is occurring such as the use of drugs or criminal damage call 999.

If the block isn’t secure report this to us via Ask@onehousing.co.uk or complete our online form.

Other useful links

0300 500 0914

Streetlink allows you to alert the council to people sleeping rough in the area. This is the first step you can take to ensure that rough sleepers are connected to local services and get the support that is available to them.

Untidy Balconies

A messy or unkept balcony isn’t ASB but it could be a health and safety concern.

To prevent the risk of external fire spread in your building, please make sure you remove any combustible materials from your balconies.

Fire safety regulations and Government Advice Note on Balconies on Residential Buildings gives a list of items that should not be stored on balconies and other safety advice to follow to avoid starting the fire

  • Please don't store combustible items on your balcony: this includes paints, electrical items, general clutter that will feed the fire, highly flammable materials.
  • Never use a barbeque on a balcony/terrace or in an unventilated space as there is a real risk of creating dangerous Carbon Monoxide fumes and igniting a fire.
  • Extinguish smoking materials such as cigarettes, ensuring they are safely disposed.
  • Keep mirrors and shiny objects out of sunlight as sun rays can refract through them and cause fires.

If you have concerns about a neighbours balcony, please let us know so we can do whatever we can to help, by contacting us by email at ask@onehousing.co.uk or give us a call 0300 123 9966.