Tenant satisfaction measures (TSM)

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) have been introduced by the Regulator of Social Housing to assess how well landlords are doing in providing good quality homes and services.

The measures focus on five key themes:

  1. Keeping properties in good repair;
  2. Maintaining building safety;
  3. Effective handling of complaints;
  4. Respectful and helpful engagement;
  5. Responsible neighbourhood management

There are 22 measures, 12 of these measures come directly from customer feedback surveys, 10 come from information we hold in our systems on our operational activity.

These measures have been designed to drive up standards and improve the quality of social housing by ensuring housing providers are accountable for the services delivered to customers.

Our ongoing survey

One Housing runs an ongoing survey every month to capture feedback across many of our services, and within this survey we capture your responses on the Tenant Satisfaction Measures alongside some additional measures that we think are also important.

Before the TSM framework was introduced, we were already conducting regular customer feedback surveys to hear how we’re performing from our customers’ perspective.

We started to collect the TSM data from 1st April 2023, and we will report first year performance to both the regulator and customers in Summer 2024.

This ongoing survey is carried out by our research partner, IFF Research. They are very experienced in running these surveys on behalf of landlords. They contact customers by phone or by email to ask the questions below. Customers will be chosen at random to take part in the survey.

This feedback is used to drive our improvement plans, influence decision making and enable our customers to check in on our performance.

Your opinions matter to us. We dedicate time to reviewing your comments to understand how you feel and what we need to do differently. Where customers respond with dissatisfaction we aim to follow up directly so we can put things right.

How we’re doing

We are committed to sharing these results on a regular basis with our customers, colleagues, board, regulator, and our stakeholders. This web page will be updated when new data is available.

We also report our performance on a separate set of metrics each quarter, which were agreed with customers as the metrics which matter most to them. Our latest performance on those is available here.