Pay Gap Reports

All organisations employing over 250 people are required to publish their gender pay gap.

At One Housing, we are committed to supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. We work hard to create a culture that celebrates diversity, ensuring that everyone can bring their whole, true, authentic self to work. It is one of our values to treat everyone as individuals, respecting their diverse backgrounds, characteristics and contributions. Our ambition is that our workforce diversity reflects the customers and communities we serve.

We recognise that it is important to publish and monitor pay gaps as it can help to understand the reasons for any gap and develop action plans to tackle the causes. This is different from equal pay which is where people from all gender and ethnic backgrounds working in the same job should be paid the same.

Each year we take a snapshot of our data to inform our gender pay gap report, which all organisations employing over 250 people are required to do. In addition, we chose to produce our ethnic pay gap report annually on a voluntary basis.

Our pay structures ensure that colleagues are paid equally for the work they do. We have a higher proportion of female and Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic staff working in our frontline roles at the lower end of our pay range, which contributes to our pay gap overall. We are committed to providing support to colleagues in these groups to develop their careers, as well as ensuring that we pay a minimum of the voluntary ‘real’ National and London Living Wage to our frontline care staff in all of the boroughs where we operate.

Gender Pay Gap Reports

Ethnicity Pay Gap Reports