Development and regeneration

Building new homes is an essential part of what we do as an organisation. As a housing association with a strong social purpose, we have an important role to play in increasing the supply of desperately needed affordable homes.

Our priority is the development of homes that people can afford in London. Our development programme looks to serve that section of the population which is not provided for and, where possible, we will prioritise genuinely affordable homes.

We will be developing 5,000 new homes over the next ten years with at least 50% built for affordable rent, London living rent or shared ownership. We will also be working in partnership with the GLA and our local authority partners so we meet local housing needs.

Rejuvenating our existing estates

We have a number of existing estates where we are working with residents on options to rejuvenate the area and homes where they live to meet their needs. This is a great opportunity for us to improve homes and strengthen our communities.

Isle of Dogs

Residents on the island are leading the process to develop, consider and select options to improve or redevelop their homes and neighbourhood

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