Juniper Crescent and Gilbeys Yard, Camden

We are working with local residents to deliver the best future for Juniper Crescent and Gilbeys Yard in Camden.

We own and manage homes at Juniper Crescent and Gilbeys Yard, which are located either side of the Morrisons redevelopment behind the Stables Market in Camden. The surrounding area is subject to major redevelopment by St George and sits within the larger Camden planning framework for the area.

Consultation, including an Options Appraisal, the procurement for a Development Partner - Countryside, the reviewing home and Masterplan designs was undertaken with estate residents. A resident ballot was held in June 2020, where residents voted on the proposals put forward by One Housing and Countryside. The majority of residents at Juniper Crescent and Gilbeys Yard (57%) voted to reject the proposals for regeneration.

Following this, the regeneration team have been engaging with residents further about the regeneration proposals in order to understand the ballot results more fully.

These conversations have helped us gain a much better understanding of residents’ thoughts on regeneration and life on the estates. When it comes to Juniper Crescent and Gilbeys Yard, residents will always play an integral role in any regeneration process. Listening to residents’ feedback has helped us to set out a better approach to regeneration through a series of new regeneration commitments.

From our conversations with residents, we understood that residents view Juniper Crescent & Gilbeys Yard as separate estates regarding regeneration discussions. We will be speaking with residents about any future regeneration proposals separately going forward, ensuring we are addressing the specific priorities and requirements of each estate.

Juniper Crescent – Juniper Crescent residents have told us they would like to continue to explore regeneration opportunities and the future regeneration of the estate. With this in mind, we will continue to engage with residents to understand what they think about regeneration so that we can improve the offer to be made in 2022. We want to continue to work with residents on the home designs now, so that in the Summer we can unveil a new masterplan that residents have contributed to and feel part of. There will be full engagement on the Masterplan in the summer and we will look to ensure residents are happy with this before proceeding to a ballot.

Gilbeys Yard – From our conversations on Gilbeys Yard, residents have current priorities relating to the estate that they feel are more important than regeneration at this time. We are continuing to follow up on the items residents have highlighted as being important. We remain open to continuing conversations and sharing thoughts on regeneration in the future should residents wish to do so. Our goal is to continue to learn about residents key priorities and aspirations for Gilbeys Yard.

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