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    Your tenancy agreement
    Your tenancy is a legal agreement. It is a contract between you and Citystyle, setting out your and our rights and responsibilities.

    Your tenancy includes (but is not limited to) information about the following:

    • Details of authorised tenants and occupiers
    • Details of your landlord or managing agent
    • Your rent and deposit
    • The address of premises and property - the flat that we have let to you.
    • The building - the wider building that the flat is part of.
    • The shared parts - the drives, entrances, forecourts, roads, pavements, shared passages, landings, lifts, open spaces and areas providing a way into the building.
    • Your rights and responsibilities - what you are entitled to and your responsibilities.
    • Our rights and responsibilities - what we are entitled to and our responsibilities.

    A tenancy will normally be for a duration of twelve months with a six month reciprocal break clause. Your tenancy may become periodic at the end of the fixed term, if it is not renewed.

    Building insurance

    Your landlord is responsible for the buildings insurance for the property in which you are renting. Buildings insurance only covers certain events and it is important that you take out content insurance to cover the loss of your personal possession inside your property or the possessions and fixtures and fittings of the landlord if these are damaged.

    Our Buildings Insurance Summary of Cover and Policies are available on request.

    Alterations to your flat

    You must get our permission before you make any alterations to your home. No structural or major alterations are permitted.

    To apply for permission to make alterations, you must write to your Portfolio Lettings Advisor giving details of the proposed alterations. Please note that these can't be structural or cause damage to the property. You may be required to return the property to its original condition at the end of your term. If you are in any doubt, please review your tenancy agreement and contact us. Our right to refuse alterations is maintained and our final decision will be considered final.


    In some circumstances, parking will be available via your tenancy agreement. Whilst we endeavour to manage these spaces we can't guarantee that spaces will always be available.

    If you live in a car-free scheme, you can contact our commercial team who offer a number of parking spaces and garages. These are available to lease or purchase in a number of key Central London locations. 


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