One Housing

    Putting customers at the heart of everything we do is a priority for all of us here at One Housing. That’s why we’re working closely with residents to create new ways for you to have a say on the services we deliver. Being open and accountable is key and we want to make greater use of technology to ensure we aren’t only listening to what you have to say, but also responding more effectively to the feedback and suggestions you make.

    Deadline for comments extended! Please email us your feedback by 5pm on Monday, 28 October.

    We want to work with you to design, improve and scrutinise our services. Here are some of the ways we propose that you can get involved:


    You don’t need to travel or attend meetings to have your say. It might be from the comfort of your own home – but it could just as easily be from work, college, or even whilst you’re on the go. We will use ways that you can choose to give us feedback and ideas.


    For many people, your neighbourhood is the most important area you’d like to get more involved in or have more of a say about. Whether it’s through focus groups, joining estate inspections, or becoming part of a group of involved residents -  we’re looking for ways to improve the way we engage at this local level.


    Each geographical region we have homes in has its own distinct character, opportunities and challenges. Our Resident Panels provide a way that residents and staff can work together to identify what’s working well, making sure we are accountable for our actions and where we can make improvements.


    We own and manage over 17,000 properties, which are home to over 35,000 people. That means our organisational strategy impacts a lot of residents!  Our Customer Services Committee brings together Board members, staff and Resident Panel Chairs to scrutinise key performance measures and our service delivery.  They review trends, complaints and compliments and provide a strategic steer for our customer services. 

    We’re now at a crucial stage in our journey towards having you firmly in the driving seat and want to find out what you think and whether you want to be involved. Here is a summary of the direction we’re looking to go in:

    Our priority is to demonstrate that our residents are at the heart of all we do and directly influence how we deliver and improve our services. We will focus upon achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, and involving customers in the design and delivery of services is a key part of this.

    We will:

    • Work together to co-create and build a collaborative and trusting relationship with our residents by improving services and keeping our promises
    • Develop an expectation that staff will work with residents to ensure services are reviewed, redesigned and delivered how they are required in the modern world
    • Provide services that are both accountable and responsive to the diverse needs of our residents
    • Be responsive and accountable by creating an environment where residents have the means to question how we do things and hold us to account.
    • Improve communication in response to feedback and then promote the positive changes made as a direct consequence of resident engagement activities.

    You can see the full draft strategy here, which goes into these themes in more detail. 

    If you'd like to join, or find out more about, our Resident Panels please also get in touch with us. To make sure our panels reflect the diversity of our residents, we particularly welcome the involvement of our younger and LGBTQ+ customers.

    We want to hear from you! Share your feedback online