Our approach to recruitment

We have developed eight principles to ensure we have the best people in the right jobs. 

By following these, we make a commitment to you as a candidate that you will be treated fairly throughout the recruitment process.

Our eight recruitment principles

  1. We select only the most capable people who share our values and actively contribute to our teams and culture. We do not settle for less under any circumstances.
  2. We keep our promises to candidates and communicate openly and honestly with them, whatever the outcome. We understand that a great candidate experience is the beginning of a great employee experience.
  3. We believe talent selection is vital for us to be a successful business and a fun, inclusive place to work. Therefore, only our well-trained and supported managers lead the recruitment process.
  4. We don't rely solely on an interview to appoint to any role. We design processes and assessments that allow us to measure capability, behaviours and shared values.
  5. We know that being a people manager requires specific skills, abilities and outlook and we look for these when recruiting new managers.
  6. We measure outcomes and find opportunities to improve our recruitment and selection processes.
  7. We use technology to make recruitment simpler for our candidates and hiring managers.
  8. We believe that our Senior Leadership Team should reflect our workforce and the communities we work with. Therefore, we are committed to the Leadership 2025 principles and we sponsor Women in Social Housing. We apply the 'Rooney Rule' when shortlisting for all positions at senior middle manager level upwards, ensuring that there are Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and female candidates on shortlists, as part of our commitment to promote diverse representation in our leaders. For more details, see our Valuing Diversity page.