Enhancing our social impact through procurement
    We’re committed to delivering value for money throughout the entire organisation and everything we do. Procurement plays a key role in supporting this commitment, by managing the money we spend more effectively and enhancing our relationships with external suppliers and contractors.

    Excellent procurement practices enable us to not only deliver savings and increase quality from tendering, but to support the business in delivering value from existing contracts and our supply chain.

    Our procurement team supports the whole business in reducing commercial risk and ensures we comply with both internal and external regulations. 

    The Public Contracts Regulations

    Public sector procurement is subject to a legal framework which encourages free and open competition and value for money, in line with internationally and nationally agreed obligations and regulations. For the purposes of the Regulations One Housing is deemed a ‘contracting authority’ and is therefore bound by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and is committed to competitively tendering contracts over a certain threshold via the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Current thresholds are as follows:


    EU Procurement thresholds - applying from 1 January 2018

    • Supply, services and design contracts: £181,302
    • Works contracts: £4,551,413
    • Social and other specific services: £615,278

    * The thresholds are reviewed every two years and the next review will be implemented with effect from 1 January 2020.

    Below these thresholds we adhere to our own internal policies and procedures, although the overriding requirement is that all procurement must be based on value for money and this should be achieved through competition, unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary. When a tender process is not subject to the Public Contracts Regulations because the estimated value of a contract falls below the relevant threshold, we continue to apply the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment, transparency, mutual recognition and proportionality to all.

    Tender opportunities at One Housing

    We use a tender management portal called EU Supply for all procurements with a value above the EU procurement thresholds.

    When advertising our tender opportunities we'll post them on Contracts Finder and/or Tenders Electronic Daily. Please register at https://uk.eu-supply.com if you want to tender for an existing project or in preparation for future opportunities.  If you’re having issues using EU Supply, please contact uksupport@eu-supply.com.


    To speak to our team or request more information about our opportunities, please email procurement@onehousing.co.uk

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