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    Women in Leadership Programme
    Women make up 40% of the global workforce, yet only 24% hold senior management roles, and this gender inequality cuts across all sectors and all industries. This needs to change. We are committed to reducing the gender pay and position gap and have designed a leadership programme for women who want to develop excellent management skills and become inspiring leaders.

    Our Women in Leadership programme can be delivered as part of a Chartered Management Institute Leadership and Management Apprenticeship, which we also offer. It covers a broad range of content, which equips delegates with strategies, tools and the confidence to overcome obstacles related to gender inequality in the workplace. As well as classroom-based learning, the programme provides:

    • a support network rooted in personal development
    • invitations to inspirational events
    • mentoring and guidance on career progression.

    The programme is divided into eight modules:

    Module 1:        emotional intelligence

    Module 2:        positive communication

    Module 3:        challenging limiting self-beliefs

    Module 4:        strengths-based leadership

    Module 5:        the science of work-related stress

    Module 6:        mindfulness at work

    Module 7:        embracing risk and failure in your career journey

    Module 8:        developing a positive mindset and bouncing back from setbacks

    The course is being delivered in partnership with Haptivate.

    You can find out more details about the course in this leaflet. To register or find out more, please call us on 0300 123 9966 or email

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