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    Who does what: our partnership with you
    As a landlord to thousands of people, we see ourselves as working in partnership with our residents and customers. We provide the homes and services and you can help create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for yourself and your neighbours.

    It's our job to keep the structure and exterior of our properties in good condition. We also look after heating and sanitation facilities we've installed and the supply of water, gas and electricity.

    As a resident, you're responsible for minor repairs within your home.

    You can find out exactly what you're responsible for as a resident on our repairs responsiblities page, but examples include locks and keys, kitchen fittings and leaking taps. If you're an older resident living in Berkshire or on the Isle of Dogs, you can get help from our handyman service.

    We can help vulnerable residents who need extra support with these kinds of tasks but there is a minimum charge of £150. So if you have a friend or relative who can help, please ask them first to save unnecessary cost.

    To get more information about repairs or your responsibilities, please contact our customer contact centre on 0300 123 9966.

    Helping you to help yourself

    Our Employment & Partnerships team runs one-day practical DIY courses where you can learn how to do basic repairs and maintenance of your home. Courses are free for all residents but you must be aged 16 or over to take part.

    Keep an eye out in our newsletter and on our noticeboards to find out when courses are taking place or call us on 0300 123 9966 or email​ to register your interest.


    A partnership between us, you and your neighbours
    Not just a key to a front door

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