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    Sergio shares his frustration on the difficulty of buying a home in London

    Sergio, aged 41 has been living in a One Housing property in Stratford for 12 years.

    Sergio moved to London from Columbia and is working as a security officer in central London. He has grown to like his area and the community that he lives in. He enjoys the stability and security of being our resident and really commends on the convenience factor of his location. Sergio has been wanting to buy his home for himself for a while and had even considered the Right to buy scheme five years ago. He had to unfortunately drop the plans as it amounted to a lot more than he could handle at the time. He’s still interested in buying his home, but is frustrated with how the system works. He claimed that even after the discounts, it is tough to save enough for a house under his current salary.

    Sergio understands how the housing market works, and our position as a housing association. “The Government needs to inject some money into the housing market and they need to do it quickly because the situation is terrible.”

    For Sergio, London has no more space anymore, “it’s like we are living on top of each other”. However, he is thankful that he has a home and does not have to be on the waiting list like the 1 million others.

    Sergio is considering other affordable home ownership options and believes that the Rent to Buy scheme might work best with him. He still thinks that saving is difficult for him whilst renting though as London is an expensive city to live and survive in..

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