Alterations and subletting

Under your leasehold agreement, if you want to sublet or make alterations to your property, you need to let us know.

Alterations to your flat

You're required to seek permission before making any alterations to your home. You may also need other permission, such as planning permission or building regulations permission.

To apply for permission to make alterations, please email us copies of any plans, drawings or diagrams that help to explain what you want to do. We will not refuse permission to carry out reasonable alterations unless we have a good reason.


You will need to tell us if you are planning on letting or subletting any part of your property.

With shared ownership properties, there are restrictions on subletting, and this should only be done in certain circumstances. Please email us before you consider subletting your home.

If you're able to sublet, you should consider if you need legal advice and the following things:

  • Only give your tenants an assured shorthold tenancy.
  • Use a reputable letting agency to manage your property. Different agencies have different terms, so 'shop around' before you decide.
  • Give us a correspondence address and an emergency contact number.
  • Get your tenants to pay a deposit. You can keep this money to cover any damage they cause. You are, however, legally required to protect this deposit.
  • Consider your tax position. The Inland Revenue will be able to give you advice.