Ending your tenancy

Please remember you must not move out of your home without telling us first.  

You must give us at least four weeks written notice to end your tenancy.  You should complete and return a Tenancy Termination form.

Please note that tenancies always end at midnight on a Sunday and you must return your keys (or leave then in a key safe with our prior agreement) before noon on the Monday. If you do not return your keys by noon on the Monday you may be charged another week’s rent.

To end your tenancy you must:

  • Give us four weeks written notice
  • Return the property with vacant possession
  • Leave the property clean, clear of all your belongings and in good condition.
  • Allow an inspection of your home to take place before you return the keys.
  • Repair or replace any broken fixtures and fittings you are responsible for.
  • Tell your utility suppliers and give them final meter readings.

You should also arrange for your post to be redirected to your new home. You can do this at postoffice.com

Please make sure your have cleared your rent account and do not owe us any money.

If you have any questions about moving home you can email us at ask@onehousing.co.uk