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    Ready for winter's chill? Check your heating works before you really need it.

    Autumn is here, when the days get shorter, nights get longer, leaves start falling and temperatures start dipping. It’s also the time to check out your heating.


    Follow these few simple steps before the cold sets in.

    • Turn on your heating system and set the thermostat two or three degrees higher than room temperature. Check the controls are working as they should be.
    • Run heating for 20 to 30 minutes before checking all radiators and storage heaters are working properly. Any cold spots may mean there is trapped air and that your radiators need bleeding.
    • Top up the credit on any gas or electricity meters to avoid slipping into higher cost emergency credit when the weather turns cold.
    • Get your boiler serviced, if it hasn’t been done in the last year.
    • If the heating is not working properly, our tenants should email ask@onehousing or call 0300 123 9966 as soon as possible.

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