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    Our young resident Abubakar strides forward

    As a lifelong One Housing resident, Abubakar, 18, is aware of the community services that we provide to our residents. Growing up in Camden, he first accessed our Youth Services programme at Hill View and Gray’s Inn, and was later referred to our Volunteering and Partnership team at Arlington in June 2017 by his youth development officer when he was looking to develop his communication, team work, and relationship skills through volunteering.

    Abubakar wanted to pursue a career in youth development and was interested in working with individuals not in education, employment and training. “I wanted to help young people like how I’ve been helped in the past and give back to those who have played an important role in my development into adulthood,” Abubakar says.

    Our Volunteering and Partnership team placed him on a volunteering post with our Youth Services in Camden in August 2017 where he became a regular fixture during their summer holiday programme. Over six weeks, Abubakar got involved in lots of activities with his peers such as arts and craft, trips to the coast, sports activities, cooking and community projects.

    The experience helped him build his confidence and better understand what he wanted to do in life. The Youth Services encouraged him to follow his dream of studying maths and, shortly after that, Abubakar got a place at King's College London Mathematics School where he’s studying maths, physics and computing full time – while working part time at Jon Lewis as a retail assistant.  

    Juggling a busy life isn’t always easy, but Abubakar still volunteers with us today on an on-and-off basis and during holidays. The future looks bright for him today – he’s looking to get into King’s College London or start a career in accounting. “The Youth Services team is great. I’ve known a few for a long time and they’ve always been great support,” Abubakar says. 

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