Friday 19 October 2018

Loss of heating at Kelson House, Isle of Dogs

We're aware of the heating failure at Kelson House. Unfortunately we're unable to access the plant room to fix the boiler due to a health and safety risk in the room. Works to make the plant room safe will be completed on Tuesday 23 October, we will then access the room on Wednesday 24 October to remedy the boiler. 

We are providing temporary heaters to all households but we need to limit this to two per households. Please contact us on 0300 123 9966 to request these and we will deliver these to you as soon as possible.  

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused and continues to cause. 


    Our vision and values
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    Our vision

    We create places for people to call home and support them to live well.

    Our values

    • We keep our promises
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    • We work together
    • We value diversity 
    • We look for ways to improve.


    We keep our promises

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    We do a great job

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    We work together

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    We value diversity

    We respect and value the diversity of our people and welcome the contribution everyone can make. We work hard to make sure that all our residents have equal access to our services.



    We look for ways to improve

    We look for opportunities to keep improve and invest in our homes, our communities and our people. We take a positive approach to our work and embrace change that benefits our customers.


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