Housing management
    We own and manage around 16,000 homes across London and the South East. Taking care of these properties and the people who live in them is a big responsibility for our housing services team.

    Some of the key areas of work include:

    • Citystyle - a property management service which looks after the more 'commercial' side of our work, focusing particularly on our leasehold properties and market-rent homes.
    • Housing operations - this team is the first port of call for most residents and looks after customer enquiries, estate management and tackling antisocial behaviour.
    • Allocations - working with local councils to ensure that our homes go to those most in need and are suitable for residents' needs.
    • Employment & partnerships - giving residents a helping hand into work through employment, training support or volunteering opportunities.
    • One Direct - our internal maintenance service, which repairs and maintains our properties

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