Communities and regeneration
    We believe passionately in creating diverse, sustainable communities. When we invest in new homes or seek to redevelop or improve our existing buildings and estates, we're committed to helping preserve existing communities as well as giving new people a chance to join them.

    So whether we're building new developments from scratch or replacing or refurbishing existing homes and buildings, we try to strike a balance between preserving existing communities and helping other people to join and enrich them.

    Typically we look to create homes for people with different needs and incomes across an estate or development. As well as giving different people an affordable chance of a new home, it helps us to fund development projects by selling a proportion of the homes on the open market. We've found this to be a successful way of paying for construction projects - typically we need to sell three new homes to pay for two more affordable ones (which includes not only traditional 'social rent' homes but also reduced market rent and shared ownership properties).

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