Building new homes
    We're doing all we can to help increase the supply of affordable homes across London and the South East. We're committed to building 1,500 new affordable homes by 2019.

    That's why we're trying to help tackle the issue head-on with an ambitious development programme that seeks to create 1,500 new affordable homes over the term of our current corporate plan.

    Of course land and construction costs are high and we need to fund all the work that we do. Because large scale government grants for new homes are now virtually non-existent, we fund new developments through building and selling homes on the open market and a range of other commercial ventures. In the current property market we need to sell three new homes to raise enough money to pay for the construction of two new affordable homes.

    We deliver development projects in a range of ways - sometimes independently and other times in partnership with other organisations including local authorities and commercial development companies.

    All of this makes us a leading developer of high quality homes. We create new homes for private sale, rent, shared ownership and affordable rent because we believe in mixed, sustainable communities.

    All of our private sale homes are developed and marketed by Citystyle, our private development arm.


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