Our policies
    We have a wide range of policies covering how we work, our services and our relationship with our customers.

    We review our policies regularly and welcome feedback from our customers and stakeholders to make sure these are useful and customer friendly. In particular, we work with our Area Boards, which include customer members, to ensure that our draft policies are scrutinised and approved from a customer’s perspective. Feedback from our customers is also taken into account in our policy planning and development process.

    Our policies are informed by statutory and regulatory requirements, but we also undertake research and benchmarking exercises to ensure that we seek out and implement best practice from within and outside of the sector.  

    We compose responses to government and local authority consultations when these deal with issues that affect social housing. Through our responses we work to ensure that our insight into the workings of social housing, and the impact that any proposed changes may have on our customers, are taken into account.


    Do you want to be involved in the policy development process? Your contribution is valuable to us. Please contact our Policy Coordinator on 020 8821 5341 to take part. 

    All our policies are listed on our website. Click here to download and read them.

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