Value for money
    Here at One Housing we’re proud to say we’re ambitious. Thousands of people and their families across London and the South East struggle to afford a decent home so we’re doing everything we can to give them a helping hand. But land and construction are both expensive, and properties cost money to run, so we know how important value for money is in the fight to provide more homes.

    We define value for money (VfM) as the best use of our resources to achieve our objectives. We organise our VfM work under four themes:

    • economy – managing costs
    • efficiency – how well we use our resources to deliver objectives
    • effectiveness – doing what we set out to do
    • environment – improving our sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

    Our value for money strategy sets out our commitment to value and shows how we respond to significant changes in the external environment. We review the strategy regularly and it takes other key policies into account including our corporate plan, service performance plan, business plan and procurement strategy.

    Our approach to VfM is structured around:

    • understanding our costs, benchmarking them internally and with our industry peers
    • ensuring that we deliver value for money through service, team and individual action plans
    • making sure that quality is an essential element in value for money decisions
    • actively involving residents in decisions that affect front line services
    • reinvesting financial savings into improving services
    • challenging how we deliver services and get value for money
    • ensuring that our staff become value for money ‘champions’
    • measuring and tracking to monitor cash savings, quality improvement and to comply with regulation
    • buying goods and services more effectively.

    Like all housing associations, we produce an annual self-assessment of how we deliver value for money. Read our Value for Money 2017 (VfM) report and download a copy of our financial statement for the year ended 31 March 2017.

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