Our key performance indicators
    Monitoring the way we perform is an essential part of our work. Our key performance indicators (KPIs) measure important aspects of the services we provide and highlight where improvements might be needed.

    How we measure performance

    Each month, we select a random list of residents to get in touch with and ask them a series of questions about what they think of the services we provide. We also collect data and information from teams across our business.

    The performance information we publish includes everything from what proportion of emergency repairs were completed on time and the percentage of residents who were satisfied with the work carried out in their homes, to the number of residents we have supported into work and the percentage of calls to our contact centre that were answered within 20 seconds. We are in the process of gathering performance data for the last financial year (2018-19) and aim to publish our year-end figures in May so please do come and check back soon. 

    Remember that you can send us your ideas or comments about our performance, including suggestions for how we can improve, at any time by emailing us at solutionsbox@onehousing.co.uk.

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