Gender pay gap
    All organisations employing over 250 people are required to publish their gender pay gap figures, dating from April 2017.

    The gender pay gap looks at the difference in the average pay of men and women in an organisation. This is not the same as equal pay which is where men and women are paid the same pay for the same work.

    At One Housing, the mean average difference in pay was 18.82% between men and women as of April 2017. This means that the average salary for men is 18.82% higher than the average salary for women.

    The percentage reflects how women and men are engaged in different roles throughout the organisation. It doesn’t show that men and women doing the same work are paid differently – but it does show how a bigger proportion of women are in lower paid roles.  

    How we aim to address the gender pay gap

    Our Executive Team is committed to improving the gender pay gap at One Housing. The proposals in our action plan include: 

    • undertaking a survey to capture the views of women who work here including their aspirations, the barriers they feel may be in their way, and perceptions of opportunities at One Housing. The results will inform further activity and solutions to address the gender pay gap. 
    • establishing a One Housing Women in Social Housing (WISH) networking group 
    • offering mentoring opportunities to support women in developing their careers
    • reviewing our pay approach, ensuring the gender pay gap is considered when making any changes to it   
    • developing a clear support plan for women returning from maternity leave
    • setting up networks for parents and carers.

    Read more about our gender pay gap here.

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