Area Boards
    Our Area Boards play a crucial role in scrutinising our work, giving residents a voice and ensuring that important issues affecting residents are addressed.

    Our Area Boards are designed to help scrutinise our services and suggest improvements. They give residents a voice, ensure we are aware of residents’ concerns and factor their views into our decision-making. Click here to read the Terms of Reference of the Area Boards [PDF.87KB]

    Each Board meets up to four times a year and contributes towards the scrutiny of services and the management of our estates.  All Boards have a Chair, up to 5 residents and two independent members, plus a member of the Group Board.

    We involve our Area Boards in different ways such as visits to new developments to see our latest projects and meet new residents. Members get together with the Group Board once a year to discuss our strategic direction and our plans for the future.

    Although each Board is focused on a specific region, their work feeds into our Group Board to help us identify common issues for all residents. 

    Our Area Boards cover the following areas:

    Whilst Area Board meetings are specifically discussed with Board members attending, we would like to share the key points of discussion with you. We've published summary minutes from the last meetings.

    If you are unsure about any terms used within the summary sheets, please read our key terms document which will explain both abbreviations and housing terms. If you have any questions regarding the minutes, please contact Sumayyah Khair on

    Want to get involved? Your Area Board would like to hear from you. To find out more or ask a question please contact:

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