Our ambition
    Housing associations have a long history and have played a crucial role in providing homes for thousands of people all over the UK. But times change and so we need to change too.

    In the past, housing assocations focused on housing only the poorest and most disadvantaged people in society. But thousands of working families now struggle to afford a decent home and demand for an affordable place to live massively outstrips supply.

    Our ambitions drive us to change and develop to help even more people to live better. We think the biggest housing challenge for the 21st century across London and the South East is increasing the supply of affordable homes.

    That's why we think housing associations need to do all they can to increase the supply of homes as a priority - not just traditional 'social rent' homes but for all kinds of people who are currently 'locked out' of having a decent home because of soaring prices. It's why we've committed to grow and expand, with an ambitious building programme. Without grants to pay for affordable homes we build and sell new homes on the open market to raise the money we need to construct more affordable homes.

    We're also raising issues that hold us and other housing associations back with government and other decision-makers to try and create an environment that allows us to do even more. 

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