Our service standards
    We think it's important to be clear about the level of service you can expect from us. Our service commitment set out how we tailor our services to meet your needs.

    Just like our policies, we review our service standards regularly to make sure they are in line with your priorities.


    • We will respond to your complaints and communications in a timely, clear and up-to-date way.
    • We will respond to your enquiries, giving you clear advice about what will happen next. 
    • We will be up-front and honest when we’re not going to do something. 
    • We will help you to achieve your aspirations by offering you employment, training and volunteering  opportunities.
    • We will give you opportunities to get involved and feed-back on issues affecting your home.


    • We will provide high quality homes. 
    • We will maintain your home to a standard you can enjoy.

    You can read our service commitment to find out more.


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