Right to Buy
    If you've held an assured tenancy for more than five years you may have the right to acquire or a preserved right to buy. This is also an option for Island Homes residents who have been living in their property since 4 December 2005.

    The 'right to acquire' can offer discounts of up to £16,000. For more information about the 'right to acquire' policy visit the Government website.

    The 'preserved right to buy' offers discounts of up to £108,000 in London or £80,900 outside London (this page was revised in May 2018). This amount increases every year in April in line with inflation. For more information about the official Government Right to Buy policy visit their website.

    For more information, read our Tenant home purchase policy.

    Contact our Home Purchase team to find out more on 0300 123 2034 or by email.


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