Homes to rent
    We offer a number of options for people looking to rent a home.

    Affordable housing
    We work closely with local authorities across London and the South East to provide affordable homes for those who need it most. If you'd like to be considered for our affordable housing, you need to register with your local council and, if you are accepted, they will refer you on to us for housing. You can check a list of the local authorities where we currently have properties.

    Intermediate rent and Key workers

    Are you unable to buy or rent a property on the open market? You may be eligible for intermediate rent which is 20% lower than market rental rates, if:

    • you have a household income of less than £71,000 a year and are looking for a one or two bedroom property
    • you have a household income of less than £85,000 and looking for a three bedroom property  

    Contact Citystyle on 0300 123 2033 or by email to find out more about our available properties. 

    Supported housing
    We also provide supported housing schemes for vulnerable people or those with complex needs such as the elderly or people with mental health problems. To find out more visit our Housing Care and Support section.

    Citystyle offers accommodation in prime locations across London for rent at standard market rates. Find out more about Citystyle.

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