Delivering improvements to Bellamy Close and Byng Street
    Here you can find out all about the work that we have been doing with residents so that together we can agree the best way to deliver new homes and an improved neighbourhood.

    We started discussions with residents about possible regeneration in 2016, when the Far East Consortium International (FECI) gained planning permission to develop the area along Manilla Street and Marsh Wall.

    This high-density development includes over 700 homes, a hotel and a school, and is right on the doorstep of the 25 homes our residents live in on Bellamy Close and Byng Street. With building heights of up to 63 storeys and an anticipated five-year construction programme, residents expressed concern about the disruption and future impact of the FECI scheme. That’s when we started looking at the possibility of redeveloping the existing homes.

    Key benefits:

    • We will be able to build brand new homes that existing residents can return to if they wish
    • Residents will be able to move away from the significant disruption generated whilst the FECI development is on-site
    • We can increase the number of homes, enabling us to meet local housing needs as well as improve the environment and economy in the area
    • Of the proposed 150 new homes, 50% will be affordable, with a mix of homes for rent, shared ownership and outright sale.

    We held a number of events to talk to residents about potential regeneration and they then elected a Residents’ Steering Group, who appointed an independent resident adviser, Ian Simpson from Communities First. We have continued to work closely the steering group, Ian and the wider resident community on a programme of consultation and engagement, including resident events, design workshops and fortnightly meetings to come up with regeneration proposals that were put to a resident vote in December. Residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of regeneration (83.9%) in the ballot which saw a 100% turnout.

    We will continue consulting with residents as we move towards submitting a planning application later this year.


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    You can find out more about the proposals in the following:

    Landlord Offer  


    Consultation event information boards

    June 2018 

    September 2018 

    February 2019


    You can also contact us with any queries by emailing the project team at Alternatively, you can get in touch with Ian Simpson, the independent resident advisor on 0300 3657150 or by email at

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