Staying safe in London

    When you consider the size of London, the number of serious incidents that take place on its streets is relatively low. Street crime is often opportunistic, so making yourself less of a target, moving with purpose and being aware of your surroundings will go a long way to keeping you safe.

    Be prepared: plan your route in advance, carry a charged mobile phone and some cash, and tell someone where you’re going.

    Be assertive: from the moment you step out onto the street in the morning, look assertive and act and walk with confidence. This will always make you appear in control and much less vulnerable. Never retaliate or fight back, your possessions can be replaced, your safety is paramount.

    Be aware: using a mobile phone, whether making a call or texting, wearing a hood or listening to loud music, all affect your awareness of your surroundings.

    Hide it: keep your mobile phone and valuables out of sight. If you’re using your phone it’s more likely to be snatched from your hand as you’re not paying attention to your surroundings, so look around you. And never leave a mobile, any other device, wallet or purse on the table of an outdoor café, pub or restaurant. The same goes for any jewellery you might be wearing – keep it covered when walking down the street.

    Go against the flow: when walking on the pavement, always face oncoming traffic, as it will make it far more difficult for thieves on two wheelers to ride up from behind and snatch your property. But still also be aware of anyone approaching from ahead of you

    Trust your instincts: try to avoid walking alone at night in places such as parks and side streets or any unfamiliar environment. If you do have to walk, stick to busy places where is a lot of activity CCTV and good lighting.

    Look confident: you are less likely to be targeted if you look confident. Move with purpose and try to be aware of your surroundings.

    If you’ve witnessed an incident or have been involved in an incident, for help and support, the following agencies can offer a safe place for you to talk any time.

    Published on 5 March 2018

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