Launching our 2018-2023: Vision and Plan

    Today we're pleased to launch our new corporate strategy.

    Today we're pleased to launch our new corporate strategy: 2018-2023 Our Vision and Plan.

    It has been seven years since we launched our previous Corporate Plan and plenty has changed since then. We have had a number of changes of Government, a full set of responses to the housing crisis, and a referendum on our relationship with the European Union. But, stepping back from the day-to-day, we can see that some of the fundamentals that drive our work have not moved in a positive direction. For many people looking for a safe, affordable home in London and the South East, things have become more difficult, for example:

    • there are now 4,751 people sleeping rough in England
    • last year there was an 18% increase in rough sleepers in London
    • there are over 159,000 Londoners living in temporary accommodation
    • the average deposit paid by London first-time buyers has risen by 62% since 2013 to over £90,000.

    It’s clear that the work that we do has become even more important. This plan reflects our desire to focus our efforts to help tackle the housing crisis - a crisis that is not just about supply but also affordability, quality and having the right services and support for the vulnerable. It includes some clear, concrete steps to make sure that we do so. Focusing on the fundamentals, rather than the daily headlines, is the right thing to do. But sometimes we have to recognise that a single event is important enough to make us go back to first principles and think very hard about both what we do and how we do it. The tragedy of Grenfell Tower is one of those events.

    The focus of this plan is different because of Grenfell Tower. It is in obvious ways such as the focus on safety and compliance; our first duty as a landlord is to keep our residents safe. But it is also throughout the plan in our focus on understanding our residents and responding to their needs. Finally, aside from external pressures, the Corporate Plan also sets out the changes that we want to make as an organisation to grow and to improve. It includes a new vision and new values - developed with our employees and our residents - and sets out the steps we’re taking through our modernisation process, One Future, to make sure that we can continue to create places for people to call home and support them to live well.

    A Corporate Plan is an important statement of our priorities and our strategy. It covers five years - but it is not set in stone. We will constantly review this strategy and we would very much welcome your comments and feedback.

    Our best wishes,

    Chair, Steve Douglas and Chief Executive, Richard Hill

    Published on 10/09/2018

    Click here to download and read a copy of our new Corporate Plan.

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