Homeless Artists Display Artworks at the Royal Academy

    Residents of our Arlington homeless hostel have their paintings on display at the Royal Academy of Art (RA).

    The RA’s innovative community exhibition, Art is Part of the Equation, brings together the diverse range of work made by artists and creative people involved in the RA’s community partner programmes. Arlington is one of fourteen community partners. Nineteen artworks were accepted from fifteen Arlington residents, with two-hundred works overall.

    The exhibition is curated by six curators from Portugal Prints and Action Space - Portugal Prints support artists with mental health difficulties and Action Space supports artists with learning disabilities. The six curators were provided with training and guidance to ensure they felt confident to contribute to the decision making involved in putting together the exhibition.

    Samantha Latouche, Head of Volunteering & Partnerships at One Housing, said:

    ‘We are thrilled that so many of our resident’s artworks have been accepted to the exhibition. Not many artists can say they have exhibited at the Royal Academy, and this is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff, volunteers and residents’

    Nazzi, an Arlington artist said:

    ‘Thank you to the RA for exhibiting our art. Showing our work encourages us to continue and maybe one day be artists. I have been going to the community group at RA for more than a year and it has been a highlight of my time at Arlington’

    Art is Part of the Equation opened on 22 December at The Clore Learning Centre, Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy of Arts and will run until Friday 11 January.

    For more press information please contact Mhairi Tordoff or Grant Nuon-Imlach on 020 8821 4607 or corpcommunication@onehousinggroup.co.uk.

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