Grenfell Tower

One Housing is saddened by the serious fire and tragic loss of life at Grenfell Tower and we send our condolences to those affected.

We are aware that residents, particularly those in high rise buildings, may be concerned about their own safety. We would like to reassure our residents that we take fire safety very seriously. We have a comprehensive fire assessment programme in place which includes additional checks in high rise, residential and complex properties.

We work with the Fire Brigade to evaluate risks and implement additional safety measures where appropriate.

In light of yesterday’s tragedy we are reviewing our housing stock and, as soon as we receive any information or advice from the fire service, local authorities or arising from the public inquiry just announced by the Prime Minister, we will act to implement new recommendations and comply with any new legislation that may come into force

Further fire safety advice from the Fire Brigade can be found on their website London Fire Brigade - Fire safety.

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