Failure of communal pipe work throughout Ward & Jupp Road

    We have been working to resolve problems with the heating and hot water systems at Ward Road and Jupp Road.

    Due to the ongoing failure of the communal pipe work throughout the development, we've decided to replace the entire pipe work throughout both blocks.

    We have been working to resolve problems with the heating and hot water systems at Ward Road and Jupp Road.

    Due to the ongoing failure of the communal pipe work throughout the development, we've decided to replace the entire pipe work throughout both blocks.

    The existing carbon steel combination is recognised as being beyond repair. Whilst this project is mobilised, we will of course continue to be in attendance to minimise any ongoing leaks and restore where possible heating & hot water services affected by this issue.

    To undertake the works mentioned will take considerable planning and will result in disruption on a floor by floor basis; you will see over the coming weeks ongoing works to ready each floor for the re-piping of the communal pipe work.

    As well as renewing the communal pipe work throughout the buildings; we will be renewing the boilers which are located in the plant room; this work will be scheduled in and completed towards the end of the works to minimise the disruption to your services.

    Whilst we are attempting to keep disruption to a minimum, there will be a loss of services to each floor whilst the re-piping is being undertaken. We have estimated that works will take 3 days in the larger floors and 2 days in the smaller floors. We will be contacting residents again in advance of works commencing on their floor.

    The schedule of works will be based upon the below and is the most efficient and quickest way to re-pipe and minimise the disruption.

    • Floor protection is to be laid throughout the blocks; this is to provide the much needed protection to the carpets and communal walkways.
    • The current hallway lightning will need to be repositioned onto the walls; this is to allow for access to the pipe work.
    • The existing ceiling tiles will be removed together with some of the frame work in the ceiling; again this is to accommodate the removal and the replacement of the pipe work.
    • The pipe work lagging will then be removed exposing the pipe work that requires replacing.
    • The pipe work will then be removed along its entire length floor by floor and then replaced; estimated to take 2 to 3 days on each floor.
    • The pipe work will then be subject to a test (re-pressurisation of the pipe work) and monitored for 2 days before re-lagging of the pipe work is commenced.
    • Ceilings will then be reinstated and the lights re-positioned.
    • Making good redecoration will then be undertaken.
    • Floor coverings will be removed.
    • Carpets will be cleaned.

    Due to the size and scale of the works, we estimate they will last 4 months to fully complete. We recognise that this will take us into the colder winter months but due to the urgent nature of the works, we do not feel that delaying this project will be appropriate.

    If you live at Ward Road or Jupp Road and have additional questions about the issues and the works, please email the project team at 

    If you are vulnerable or have specific needs or know someone in the building that may need additional assistance, please let us know. We are working hard to provide extra support until the problems are resolved.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that this issue has caused and continues to cause. This is an exceptional failure which has presented a number of technical challenges over the years but we are determined to reach a long term sustainable solution and fully resolve these issues. Our team is working hard to restore your heating and hot water services as quickly as we can.

    There will be ongoing updates before, during and after the works have been completed. If you have concerns of any nature please do contact us at, via our customer contact centre on 0300 123 9966 or at

    Our One Direct team has put together some Q&As to help answer questions about the current issues and upcoming works:

    • Why has the pipe work failed?

    The existing pipe work is carbon steel; although a robust material, carbon steel is subject to high levels of corrosion if not treated.

    • Was the system treated?

    Yes, the system has been treated but due to a component failure, the system became depressurized. Re-pressurization of the system allows for the system to become oxygenated, which results in corrosion. Given the ongoing nature of the problems in Ward Road, this has deteriorated over time.

    • Will carbon steel be used again?

    No. The re-piping will use stainless steel instead of carbon steel. Stainless steel is a material that does not suffer from corrosion, there have been a number of reported incidents within the building industry of carbon steel failing/corroding in the same way as being experienced here.

    • Will the cost of these works be charged back to residents?

    No. We will not be recharging the cost of these works back to residents. Given the age of the building and the problems experienced by residents with this issue, we believe we should cover the cost of these repairs.

    After these works have been completed, all ongoing maintenance will be recharged as normal in accordance with the terms and condition of your current lease.

    Published on 31/08/2018

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