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    Ceo Richard Hill responds to the Government's proposal for Funding for supported housing

    The government has just released a policy statement and two consultations for supported housing in England.

    The government has just released a policy statement and two consultations for supported housing in England.

    Supported housing is hugely important for the thousands of people that use it and for the NHS and social care. Projections suggest that the overall number of supported homes may need to rise across Great Britain from 650,000 to 845,000 by 2030 (30% increase), particularly among older people (35% increase on current demand) and people with disabilities (53% increase). One Housing’s supported housing partnership with the NHS saves £20,000 per patient every year with better outcomes and greater independence.

    The PM’s row back on LHA is important because supported housing is more expensive to build and manage than other housing but is significantly cheaper and offers a better quality of life than relying on NHS wards or other social care services.

    Providers generally make very little (if any) money on supported housing, which is why they are usually run by social or charitably focused organisations like One Housing.

    Richard Hill, Our Chief Executive said:

    “While we are still looking at the detail, today's statement and consultation launch appears to be a significant step forward for the thousands of older people whose lives are transformed by supported housing. We are, however, concerned about the model for short term supported housing that could leave some people out in the cold. Vulnerable people live better in a home that is right for them, reducing pressure on the NHS and the taxpayer and these homes must be available to those in need.

    “We will continue to press the government to look at options to help more people to find a home that is right for them. It should also encourage more supported housing as part of mixed developments and look seriously at removing stamp duty for older downsizers.”


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