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    Market Rent - Repairs and maintenance
    We are committed to maintaining shared areas to a high standard, and you can help us by reporting repairs as soon as possible.

    Market rent tenants

    Please report repairs to us via your Portfolio and Lettings Advisor on 0300 123 2033. We're open from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

    Intermediate rent tenants

    Visit our repairs and maintenance to find out how to report a repair.

    Not your landlord?

    If we are not your landlord, contact the Citystyle team on 0300 123 2033 and use the reference number which has been agreed with your landlord for the out of hours repairs service.

    Out of hours

    You can contact us about emergencies or urgent repairs on 0300 123 9966 outside our normal opening hours. Your call will be diverted to our emergency repairs service. Please do not call outside these hours unless your repair is an emergency, and remember to inform our operator that you are a Citystyle private or intermediate rented tenant.

    We will do all we can to carry out repairs in the given times, but in some cases there may be delays because:

    • We are having difficulty getting parts
    • The weather has been too bad to carry out work
    • The work is specialised
    • We have difficulty getting into your home
    • We plan to carry out the repair as part of a programme
    • We have a lot of work to do following extreme weather conditions.
    • As soon as we are aware that there may be a delay, we will contact you giving details and a date when we are likely to carry out the work.

    Service standards

    We expect our operatives and contractors to carry out work without causing unnecessary disruption or nuisance. We check the quality of work to make sure that the work has been carried out correctly and to our standard and specification. If you are not satisfied with any work that has been carried out, please contact your Portfolio Lettings Advisor as soon as possible.

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