19/03 - 4.24pm

Ward Road/Jupp Road: there is currently no heating. Our gas engineers are on site fitting new parts to the heating system. 

Leeward Court: there is no hot water. An engineer is on site and attending to the issue. 

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Latest news, updates and good stories for our estates on the Isle of Dogs.

The future

We want to ensure that the Island remains a great and affordable place to live for years to come so we're looking at what long-term changes might be needed to improve on some of the ageing estates.

Having done research into how the area could be regenerated, ranging from refurbishment to outright replacement, we now want the views of local residents to help develop our ideas and better understand the needs of local communities.  


As part of this process and before any decisions are made on the future of the estates we have appointed independent consultants Soundings to develop and deliver a thorough consultation programme in partnership with local people and residents’ groups.

The consultation process will take some time as we want to ensure that it is thorough and that we have spoken to everybody.

If you wish to speak to Soundings directly about the consultation process, please contact them on:

0800 124 4081 from a landline
0330 100 3651 from a mobile

If you have any questions or queries for us, please do hesitate to contact us on iodconversation@onehousing.co.uk


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