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    Inspired Westminster personality disorder service
    An 18 month peer-led support programme for Westminster residents living with personality related challenges. Our customers tell us they prefer to have support delivered in a variety of ways and we therefore offer a range of options, with one-to-one sessions, personal development groups and peer support sessions.

    The Inspired programme provides support for adults living with emotional and interpersonal challenges as a result of a personality disorder. We are one of the few non-clinical service providers for Westminster residents, and customers don't necessarily need a formal diagnosis in order to access the wide range of support.

    The service involves:

    • coming up with coping strategies to safely and effectively manage intense and difficult emotions
    • developing confidence and self esteem
    • building and maintaining relationships and getting along with others
    • increasing motivation and involvement in social activities
    • exploring volunteering and job opportunities

    18 month programme

    The programme lasts 18 months and uses the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) approach. This involves teaching and developing skills in regular one-to-one and group sessions. Rather than focus on past events, we focus on developing skills to more effectively self-manage challenges in the present. During an initial six week 'getting to know you' period, customers have weekly sessions to identify their specific support needs and see if the programme will fulfil these needs and meet their expectations. They then review progress with their case worker and decide the best way forward. In some cases it may be that the time isn't right to start the programme, or DBT may not be the right approach to meet their individual circumstances.

    Peer-led support

    This is where support is led by experts who have their own first-hand experience of living with a personality disorder and have used the Inspired service themselves. Combining the more therapeutic work of specialist staff with peer-led support is a really effective way of meeting the needs of our customers, and is based on mutual support, respect and a sense of belonging.

    Ongoing support​

    Everyone who completes the programme is given the opportunity to become a peer support group facilitator themselves and many people choose to go down this route. Customers who have taken up this opportunity tell us that it has helped further develop their self-confidence. We provide training and support to people who are interested in pursuing this. We also provide dedicated advice and support for customers who would like to try out volunteering opportunities, access training or get into work.

    What our customers have to say about the service

    "After decades of seeking support networks to deal with my issues, and the challenges of everyday life, the Inspired service has helped me to help myself - and also reveal a person I now like!"

    “I now have a well-developed and rehearsed mental health ‘toolbox’ of therapeutic techniques to access when I’m alone and in distress.”

    “Initially I wasn’t comfortable with a two-year commitment. Now I find the duration and level of support really helpful as it’s consistent – but not intense.”

    “The most important factor is I’m now learning to help myself. I’ve come to realise I’m a worthwhile person.”

    How to access the service

    To find out more about the service and how to access it, please:

    The programme is delivered from our central Camden office. You'll find us at:

    Arlington House
    220 Arlington Road
    London NW1 7HE


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