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    "I see it as stability for my son and an investment" - Salome dreams to own a home

    26-year-old Salome Rodrigues, is a young mum who lives in one of our supported housing schemes in Hackney. Having fled from an abusive relationship, Salome moved into a One Housing home four years ago, where she received the right help and support to get back on her feet. She is now no longer vulnerable and wants to move on to the next stage, which is owning a home of her own for her son Rafaele. “I see it as stability for my son and an investment – its freedom and security. It won’t be easy but I want to do it”, explained Salome.

    On prompting Salome on her opinions on the government supporting housing association like us, she commented, “As housing associations are non-profit, government grants would be the way to go – because then we know that the money is being used properly.” She believes in the work that we do and has often expressed her gratitude to us for helping her live better. She has attended several workshops run by One Support and has also actively volunteered for our social causes.  

    After four years, she’s skeptical of leaving her current home and our services, because there is no transitory scheme fit for her. She’s afraid that she’ll be going backward and end up in a hostel, but she is determined to enrol for affordable home ownership options.

    Salome is interested in shared equity, in spite of the long commitment of ten years, as she can be rest assured that the house will be theirs. For Salome, having a house on her own means more than just a place to call her own, it is the foundation stone for her family.

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