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    Our top 10 saving energy tips
    As it's Energy Saving Week, here are 10 top tips for saving you energy, and money, around your home. Depending on your circumstances you could save over £100 every year by reducing wasted energy.

    10 top tips for saving you energy, and money, around your home

    1. Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby – whether it’s the TV or a phone charger, by actually turning your appliances off when you’re not using them, you could save a potential £30 a year.

    2. Less wasteful washing up - instead of leaving the water running whilst washing up, if you fill a bowl to wash your pots (then remember to wash the greasiest dishes last!) then you could save up to £25 a year.

    3. Save yourself some laundry time - cut down on the amount of laundry you do a week, aiming to do one wash a week, and instead of using a tumble dryer, invest in a clothes horse to save on your energy consumption.

    4. Switch the light off behind yourself - turn off the lights in rooms that you aren’t occupying and why not make the switch to LED light bulbs. These two small changes could save you up to £35 a year.

    5. Use a timer/smart heating – by programming what time the heating comes on and off in your home and not heating an empty home when you’re out, you will save around £75 year.

    6. Keep the heat in - turn off the heater in rooms that you aren’t using and close the doors behind yourself to keep the heat in the rooms where it’s needed.

    7. Take a power shower - cut down the time it takes you to have a shower (some councils provide a shower countdown sand timer to help you keep track) and by doing this you can save up £7 a year.

    8. Invest in some draught excluders - draught proofing the doors and windows will help keep your home warmer for longer which will help to cut down the amount of time you’ll have the heating on.

    9. Tea for one? Kettles are one of the worst household goods for energy usage so fill your kettle with roughly the right amount of water you actually need. This could save you an additional £6 per year.

    10. Get money-wise – finally, try switching from pay-as-you-go meters to direct debit so you can monitor your expenditure and plan for your bills each month.

    Also, the Energy Saving Trust is a great online resource where you can find lots of ideas for saving money on your bills. The savings you can make in each area all add up so why not check it out and see how you can cut costs.

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