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    Our leaseholders don't need buildings insurance - it's covered by your service change. But we still recommend that you get insurance for your home contents.

    Buildings insurance covers damage to the structure of the building caused directly by 'specific acts of peril'. This is a legal term which covers things like fires or floods. As your landlord and the freeholder of the building, we take out buildings insurance for the building as a whole.

    Contents insurance covers your possessions, furniture and any goods within your home. These items are not covered by building insurance. If there is a fire, flood or other damage to your home, you won't be able to claim for lost posessions if you don't have contents insurance.

    How to claim
    If you think you have a valid claim, please ring the insurance provider, Zurich on 01252 387249 or 0800 028 0336 (24 hour) or email

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