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    The Environmental Bid
    Our environmental improvement budget funds and supports our residents' ideas for improving their community environment.

    Area Boards approve bids regularly so there’s always lots of work going on. If you have an idea to make your neighbourhood an even better place to live, submitting a bid is a great way to make it happen.

    If you want to apply, fill in the application form or pick up a form from your local housing office. Make sure you fill in all the relevant fields and work closely with your Housing Officer who will help you source quotes for cost of works etc.

    Here’s an example of a previous bid to give you some inspiration.

    An estate was becoming messy when the original bin storage area could no longer cope with the growing amount of waste. The overflow of rubbish was an eyesore and was damaging the green areas outside. A bid was submitted to create another bin store with extra bins. As a result, the area is now neat, tidy and contained and the residents are very happy with the outcome.


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