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    We are committed to providing residents with safe, secure and well-maintained homes

    Coronavirus advice

    The way you can report repairs during the the coronavirus outbreak hasn't changed - please see below - however the repairs that we're currently able to deal with has. You can find out more below and also find the latest updates on our coronavirus page.  

    You can also keep up to date on all the latest advice about coronavirus and self-isolation from various sources, including the NHS and Public Health England's website

    Office closure

    As of Monday 23 March, the reception at Atelier House is closed due to the on-going situation with Coronavirus. We haven’t taken this decision lightly, but I am sure you’ll understand that the well-being of customers and employees must come first. We will still be taking deliveries at this time. If you do need to speak to us, please call 0300 123 9966 or email We thank you for your patience during this time.

    Castalia Square and Millwall (Quarterdeck) offices will be closed until further notice due to the on-going situation with Coronavirus. If you require assistance with repairs or housing matters during this time please contact our customer service centre on 0300 123 9966 or email IIf you require visitors scratch card books for CPM sites please call CPM directly on 0345 463 5050. They will take payment and send the book in the post to you directly.

    Emergency repairs only due to COVID-19

    In response to the Covid-19 crisis, and to protect our residents and staff, we have taken the reluctant decision to only carry out emergency repairs for at least three months. We will be reviewing our maintenance resources and will be updating this page if things change.  

    What emergency repairs will you still be delivering? 

    Emergency repairs are those repairs that have a serious impact on our residents or the potential to cause significant damage to a home, and we aim to carry them out within 24 hours of you reporting them.  Please note that if you are booking an emergency repair, we will ask if you or anyone in your home is currently self-isolating or if they are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms. We'll still carry out the repair but our operatives will be wearing extra protective equipment to ensure our staff and you remain safe.

    We will carry out the following repairs::  

    • Major flooding 
    • Total loss of or major fault with electricity supply 
    • Unsafe electricity fittings 
    • Gas leak or loss of heating (up to 1 April 2020) 
    • Loss of hot water 
    • Failure of lift 
    • Failure of warden alarm/call system
    • Roof leaks resulting in serious internal flooding 
    • Plumbing leaks that cannot be contained 
    • External doors or windows not closing or locking 
    • Breaches of security to external doors or windows 
    • Failure of fire alarm system 
    • Sole or only accessible WC not flushing 

    We aim to make your home safe within 24 hours of you reporting the emergency repair.  

    Communal Areas

    • Damaged communal floor covering presenting immediate trip hazard 
    • A plumbing leak or roof leak that has the potential to cause damage to the property  
    • Fire Door not closing properly 
    • Full loss of communal lighting or emergency lighting 
    • Lift outage

    What services will remain the same or will be enhanced?

    Safety checks  

    We want to ensure your home environment remains as safe as possible, so we still plan on conducting critical safety checks of gas and electrics in your homes. We will also, where possible, continue with the weekly testing of fire alarms in communal areas as well as our programme of safety inspections on mechanical installations and fire remediation works. We ask for your continued assistance in helping us achieve this.

    Caretaking and Estate Services    

    Our primary focus is to provide a safe and clean environment, so we are:  

    • Putting up notices requesting everyone to wash or sanitise their hands before entering communal areas;  
    • Focusing our cleaning duties to include sanitising door handles/lift buttons 
    • Removing rubbish in line with existing service standards.

    Other Estate Services  

    We are working closely with local authority partners to maintain the rubbish collection service; however, some local authorities are already struggling to provide their normal refuse service.  With less caretakers available, we are relying on residents to help us.  Please ensure you disposed of rubbish properly and help us keep the estates clear which will help us prevent vermin.  

    How to report a repair

    First of all you should check our Looking after your home guide to see if the repair is our responsibility or yours. 

    Homeowners can report repairs or defects in communal areas to us but remember that you are responsible for keeping your own home in good repair. For more information please see our 'after you’ve bought' section.

    If you are a One Housing resident you can report a repair in several ways:


    It is now easier to report a repair online! No hassle, just give us your details and information about the issue, and we'll take it from there. 

    By phone

    Call our Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 9966 (8am-6pm, Monday to Friday, with out of hours service for emergency repairs only).
    For residents in Berkshire, please call Housing Solutions on 0800 587 9941 (8:45am-4:45pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10am-5:15pm Wednesday).  

    By email

    For residents in London, email
    For residents in Berkshire, email If you're a leaseholder or market rent tenant living in Berkshire, please do not report communal issues to Housing Solutions. 

    We will deal with emergency repairs within 24 hours. Here are examples of repairs that fall into each of these categories.

    All of our repairs operatives carry ID and wear branded uniforms and they'll get in touch, if we have your phone number, to let you know their estimated time of arrival. If they aren't wearing ID badges or branded uniforms, please don't let them in. You can always call us and check if you're in any doubt - 0300 123 9966.

    Emergency contacts

    National Grid UK: If there is an interruption to your gas supply or an emergency, call 0800 111 999

    British Gas: If you smell gas, or are worried about a gas or carbon monoxide leak, call the free Gas Emergency Services emergency line immediately on 0800 111 999.

    Thames Water: To report a leak outside your property boundary, fill in a form or call: 0800 714 614

    UK Power Networks: Report a power cut here or call 0800 3163 105

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