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    Planned maintenance
    As well as dealing with day-to-day problems at our properties, we also plan repairs and maintenance to help keep buildings and estates in good condition for years to come and to reduce the risk of day-to-day issues.

    We contact residents before this kind of work gets underway to help them prepare for any disruption. We prioritise work based on the Government's decent homes standard and to fit within the budget we have available.

    We are investing more in this kind of work to help prevent problems from happening from the outset. Examples of the team's work include:

    Cyclical works

    This is periodic, routine maintenance such as painting the exterior or communal areas of a property.

    Tree pruning

    Keeping trees under control so that they don't damage properties or cause a nuisance.

    Planned kitchen and bathroom major works

    Replacing and upgrading fitted kitchens and bathrooms to help make homes modern, safe and comfortable.


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