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    Aids and adaptations for residents with special needs
    If you're disabled, elderly or simply need some extra support to live independently, we can help. We can tailor support to meet your individual needs.

    If you need special aids and adaptations to your home, there are a range of things we can do, including:

    Minor works:

    • Wooden grab rails (eg in a bedroom or hallway).
    • Plastic grab rails (eg for bathrooms).
    • Bannister stair rails.
    • Metal handrails (eg for outside areas).
    • Small ramps.
    • Step modifications.
    • Adapting taps (eg hand basin or baths).

    Major works:

    • Stairlifts.
    • Ceiling track hoists.
    • Through-floor lifts.
    • Level access showers.
    • Non-slip flooring for showers.
    • Clos-o-mat toilets.
    • Large ramps and handrails.

    Who qualifies?

    We will consider requests for aids and adaptations from the residents/s named on the tenancy agreement. The work requested must be for use by the resident/s or another family member who is a permanent resident at the property.

    How to request aids and adaptations

    You must first contact your local social services office (at your local council) who will arrange for an occupational therapist to assess your need and refer your case to us. To find out more, email us at aids& or call us on 0300 123 9966 or 020 7428 5571. If you are a Berkshire resident, you can also call our duty line on 020 8821 5344 and ask to speak to the surveyor.

    Who pays?

    We will pay for minor works. For major adaptations - where the cost is over £1,000 - we will help you to apply for a disabled facilities grant from your local authority.

    How long it takes

    We will complete minor adaptations within 20 working days of receiving a referral from an occupational therapist.

    The application procedure for major adaptions to your local authority could take up to 12 weeks. We will complete the adaptations within 90 working days of receiving grant approval.


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